Frequently Asked Questions - FotoTime FotoStudio

  • Q. What is a FotoStudio account?

    A. A FotoStudio account allows users to set their own prices on prints and gifts of their photos and then earn commissions off any sales.

  • Q. What are the commission fees?

    A. On each sale, FotoTime charges a single 13% fee. This covers the credit card processing fees and any other processing costs. Click here to learn more.

  • Q. How do I setup the prices for my prints and gifts?

    A. To set your prices, click the Reseller Options link and then go thru the account setup walkthrough. After you have setup your basic account information, the next step is to setup your prices. Just follow the setting up your account walk through.

  • Q. How do my customers view my photos and order prints and gifts?

    A. There are several ways your customers can view your photos and order prints and gifts. You can setup an event that is searchable from our FotoStudio home page ( To setup an event, click the Reseller Options link and on the next page click the Setup Event link. You can also send your customers a Customer Proof E-Mail, by clicking the Share Pictures link and then click the Send Customer Proof E-Mail link on the next page. You can also setup a custom domain that you can give to your customers to view your photos. For example, you can create a custom domain like "" and then give your customers the url This url will take your customers directly to your photos. To create a custom domain, click the Admin Options link and then click the Create Custom Domain link on the next page.

  • Q. I have my own web page, how can I link to my pictures in my FotoStudio account?

    A. To create a link to your pictures, click the Share Pictures link and on the next page choose the Create Link to Pictures link. Once you have generated a link, copy the code to your own web page. You can also create a Custom Domain like and then add this link on your web page to direct to your FotoTime photos.

  • Q. If I have a FotoShare account, do I have to register again for a FotoStudio Account?

    A. If you have a FotoShare account you can easily convert this account to a FotoStudio Account for free. Just click the Admin Options link and on the next page click the Earn Comissions from Sales link and setup your FotoStudio account. Once your FotoStudio account is setup, you will automatically be a FotoStudio user.

  • Q. Can I change the look and color of my account?

    A. You can change the color and styles of your albums, by choosing the Edit Album menuitem from the Edit Web Albums menu. On the Edit Album page, choose your Display Style.

  • Q. How do I watermark my photos?

    A. Click the Admin Options link on the left and then choose the Watermark Settings menuitem on the next page.

  • Q. How are my commissions calculated?

    A. Your commision is based upon the price you sell your items minus the cost of the items minus a transaction fee. Click here to learn more.

  • Q. How are the commissions paid?

    A. Your commission can be paid by check, electronic funds transfer (EFT), PayPal or a FotoTime gift certificate.

  • Q. How often are the commission paid?

    A. At the beginning of every month, FotoTime processes all accounts and pays commissions. We pay commissions once your available commission total is $25.00 or more. If your account balance is less than that, your commission will carry over month to month until your account balance reaches $25.00. Click here to learn more.

  • Q. My price plan is setup yet I don't see the marked up prices when I buy prints or gifts.

    A. To view the marked up prices when purchasing prints or gifts, a price plan needs to be assigned to the album and you need to be logged into your account as a guest.

  • Q. How can I protect my photos from being downloaded?

    A. There are several things you can do to protect your photos. You can put a watermark on the photo, you can disable the viewing of the original photo and you can disable the browsers right-click and save function. To add watermarks to your photos, click the Admin Options link and then click the Watermark Settings on the next page. To control the viewing of your original photos and disable the right-click browser function, click the Admin Options and then click the Edit Preferences link on the next page.

  • Q. I have disabled the right-click save option yet I can still right-click and save the photo.

    A. Make sure you are logged into your account as a guest. For administration users, we allow the right-click save option since you own the photos.

  • Q. The photos that come off of my camera are huge files. Should I upload the original files or resize them first?

    A. Uploading large files takes a long time unless you have a REALLY fast internet connection, so we do recomment that you resize your photos first.

    We recommend using a 3000x2000 image in a jpeg format (or 2400x3600). Both of these are in a 1.5:1 aspect ratio which is perfect for 4x6 prints, which is what most customers will order. That resolution should yield smaller files, and they should upload a lot faster, and you will get many more in your alotted online storage space. That resolution is fine for 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10, and depending on the quality of the image, you can probably get a good 11x14 out of it as well.

  • Q. What happens if someone orders a large size print from one of my resized images?

    A. We recommend using our proofing system. For each order that your customers place, you can adjust the crop/fit, as well as upload a replamement image for any print in the order. You can learn more about the proofing system here.